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June 27th, 2016 by J

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Layla Kayleigh was caught off guard when she was doing an interview for a men’s magazine. She confessed to being so into older men and that she gets to suck and fuck their dick as often as she wanted to. She seemed proud of her naughty habit that she shared this wild video of hers having a hot fuck with a horny man with salt and pepper hair but is clearly still banging like a stud in heat. No wonder Kayleigh has gone gaga with the dude, he knows how to please her like how a teen jock would!

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Hot damn…I’d totally wreck this hot mamacita Layla Kayleigh’s ass if I was given one shot to spend the night with her. I mean let’s be real here, this exotic-looking tigress is an extremely beautiful woman who can literally launch a thousand rocketships, if by rocketships we mean cum. Judging by her sexy dark features, you would think she looks like someone who was born in the Middle East but you’d be surprised she was born and raised in London.

Layla Kayleigh’s naked body has graced a lot of big-time lad mags including Playboy and I’m still waiting for her to join the porn industry. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see Layla Kayleigh sucking a big fat cock or her little tight pussy getting gang fucked? I bet she’s hairy down there and I wouldn’t mind to munch on her carpet ‘coz she’s just so smoking hot! Want more of Layla Kayleigh’s hot revealing pics? We got more for you right here.

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August 10th, 2009 by layla

Layla Kayleigh HAS to be the hottest female TV host there is today! I mean, at her young age, she has got horny bastards of all ages, all over the world, fantasizing about her! Myself, included. Nope, not ashamed of it. Not at all! I must admit as she hosts the hit TV series America’s Best Dance Crew, I hardly watch the dance routines anymore! Oh yes, my eyes are completely transfixed to Layla Kayleigh and all her hotness. I am actually quite impressed how the guys in that show can keep on dancing! Don’t they get hard while Layla Kayleigh is hosting? Hell I’m watching on TV and I’m getting hard, what more if you see her in person?

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Guys, let’s just drop the argument. Whom are we kidding? Layla Kayleigh has to be one of the hottest women in TV today! Oh yes, this America’s Best Dance Crew and World Poker Tour host has a sexy bod, an intriguing personality, and an unparalleled sex appeal! No wonder all the guys look at her whenever she is around! She is just smokin’ with a capital S! I bet all the horndogs fantasize about her and whenever she passes by, their cocks spring to attention! Trust me, I’ve been there: walking around with an awkward hard-on because I just saw Layla in a skimpy outfit and naturally, my imagination immediately went haywire!

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Who here doesn’t think that Layla Kayleigh is hot? Nobody? Good. Because you have got to be out of your fucking mind if you don’t think that Layla Kayleigh is one hot motherfucker! I mean, look at her! She’s got to be one of the hottest young hosts ever to grace the world of TV! Of course, we all know her from the hit TV series America’s Best Dance Crew the gambling addicts might have seen her host the World Poker Tournament! Layla Kayleigh is a different level of sexy and it only takes one glance at her to see why!

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